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China Chem Source (HK) Co., Ltd.
       Food Ingredients
       •  Sweetener(High Intensity & Polyols)
       •  Acidulants & Buttering agents
       •  Preservatives & Antioxidants
       •  Vitamins & Nutrition supplement
       •  Emulsifier Thickener & hydrocolloid
       •  Oxidant Brightening agent & Enzyme
       •  Minerals
       •  Flavors and Flavor Enhancers
       •  Coloring matter
       •  Phosphate
       •  Brewery & miscellaneous
       Botanical, herb extracts & Nutraceuticals
       •  Botanical herb extracts
       •  Amino acid
       •  Nutraceuticals
       Organic & Inorganic Chemicals
       •  Fluoride
       •  Phosphate Product
       •  Acid group
       •  Minerals
       •  Miscellaneous
       Feed Additive
       Rubber Accelerators
       Agricultural pesticide
       Daily supplies materials
China Chem Source (HK) Co., Ltd.

ChinaChemSource is adapt in selecting feature chemicals from food ingredients , Neutraceuticals, pharmaceutical intermedites, pesticide intermedaites, as well as specialty organic & Inorganic chemicals .

ChinaChemSource promotes sales gradually to Southeast Asia, European, Middle/Far-eat, North America, South America, Australia, South Africa., etc.

China Chem Source (HK) Co., Ltd.
Research & development
We actively co-sponsor research with local universities & lab under deep cooperation with contracted factories, aiming to create exclusively tailor-made projects to meet each customer's unique requirements.
China Chem Source (HK) Co., Ltd.
Quality system
Quality Assurance Program ensure not only quality
but also simplicity , clean and clear .
China Chem Source (HK) Co., Ltd.
Market Positioning
ChinaChemSource has acquired a tremendous wealth of know-how and experience in the field of chemicals marketing ,which help you design the right sales strategy .
China Chem Source (HK) Co., Ltd.
We are willing to have the packaging and display made on customer behalf , taking care of everything from design to printing , label , etc .
China Chem Source (HK) Co., Ltd.
Chinachemsource has considerable domestic and international experience , we specialized in registration and listing of the products , we also assist you , as desired , to perform exclusiveness , local registration .
China Chem Source (HK) Co., Ltd.
e-epoch endows us with e-efficiency , ChinaChemSource keep 24 hours contact with you by e-mail , positively response your inquiry any time .
China Chem Source (HK) Co., Ltd.
ChinaChemSource help you sign annual contract by pending orders with our factories which help a firm and stable price for a whole year .
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